Step 4 - Recording your findings

If you employ five or more employees you must record the significant findings of your risk assessment, together with details of any people that are at particular risk. More importantly, the record must show whether the existing control measures are adequate and, if not, what further action is required to reduce the risk to an acceptable level.

Remember to make sure any control measures identified or introduced remain effective by testing and maintaining them regularly. For larger workplaces you are encouraged to include a simple floor plan in your fire risk assessment. You can use the plan to record fire hazards and control measures in a simple format that is easily understood.

If your workplace has a Fire Certificate issued under the Fire Precautions Act you may wish to cross reference your fire risk assessment with your fire certificate plan.

Fire Mediation can provide a structured report and a detailed floor plan, of your premises, that will meet the RRO (Fire Safety) Order 2005